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About me

aivi_tammMy life has always been full of knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and sewing. I studied for two years at Tallinn Pedagogical University as handicraft teacher. I switched my studies to the field of economics and worked in the financial sector. I have spent nearly two decades in three different banks. 

During my banking career, I followed my handicraft hobby and I have completed various craft and art courses. When the banking work was over for me, I decided to turn my vocation into my profession.

So, in 2015 Aada Design was born. At the moment I am studying at Olustvere TMK, I have fantastic teachers in the field of textile handicraft.

I am sewing interior design textiles, children’s goods and gadgets for children’s yoga teachers. I follow the principle that all products are 100% handcrafted. I prefer natural materials, the fabrics I use are cotton or linen. I follow the sustainable way of thinking and recycling, my products may contain recycled fabrics and buttons.

Especially I like to make custom orders because the personal product will be completed in consideration of all special requests of the client.
In addition, I carry out craft training and workshops. I work my job with love and great dedication. I`ll make original textiles for your home, a special gift for your loved ones or just something beautiful! Contact me and talk about your wish.

Nice meetings!
Aivi Tamm
phone +372 5275551

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