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Handicraft is valuable, be careful with it. All our products are of high quality. All materials (both fabrics and yarns) are 100% cotton or linen. Products are made of washed fabrics and with sufficient sewing capacity. When washing and ironing the product please follow the signs in the product label.

The general recommendations are as follows:

  • Products filled with buckwheat, linseed and rice
    For these products (pillows, “tatrapead”, eyepillows), remove the filling pillow and wash only the case.
  • Aprons, bags, buntings, towels; coverings the products filled with buckwheat, linseed and rice
    Machine washable, 30 – 40°C, iron on medium heat.
  • Pillows with asanad
    Washing only by hand, not ironing.
  • Barefoot sandals
    Washing only by hand. We recommend gently ironing using a humid cotton fabric. Do not iron over seashells and pearls.
  • Soft balls
    Washing only by hand, not ironing.
  • Patchwork blanket
    Machine washable, 30 °C, with a wool wash program and a low-speed centrifuge. Do not iron
  • The linen heart
    We recommend not to wash, as washing brings the edges shred and change the appearance of the product. However, if there is a need to wash, then gently only with hands.

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