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Cute aprons for kids

Our Linda wanted a new apron. We showed her some adorable romantic new fabrics with cute little coffee cups, which Linda picked up her favorite, it’s pink. But we also made aprons from the second, mustard-yellow fabric. We added the label with name in Linda’s apron. Any apron can be personalized for every little baker.

Each apron has a large pocket that is cleaned with cotton lining. The back side of the apron also has a cotton lining. Every apron has the pot holder made from the same fabrics. All fabrics are 100% cotton or linen. Pot holder contains polyester too. This apron is a lovely gift for a little girl and it is packed in the nice gift box.

We had a great photo session with the seven-year-old best friends of Linda, Lovisa and Solveig. Whipping the cream was so swift that it felt even little painful 🙂 See more pictures of the aprons in the e-shop.

We make aprons also by customers special request. Contact us here: Contact us.

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