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Soft letter pillows for kindergarten

IMG_9838_aadaSmall “Midrilbirds” (Midrilinnud in Estonian, imaginary fairytail birds) has grown up, and they are waiting for their school journey to begin in September. Fly high, dear “Midribirds”!

The new group of three-year-old “Midribirds” will begin their journey in the kindergarten in the autumn. The soft letter pillows will help them to become friends with letters and reading. This set of letters is made by special request for those future little “Midribirds”.

The bag is sewed in a mixed technique. The inside of the bag is a cotton lining. The bag has twisted cotton cord. Each letter is hand-embroidered on a small pillow. The other side of the pillow is made of cotton fabric.

The set contains 25 letters in Estonian alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Õ Ä Ö Ü, and the bag for them. Soft letter pillows are aIMG_9865_aada new alternative to traditional wooden letter blocks but are lighter and softer than they.

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