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26 letters of English alphabet

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Product Description

The soft “letter blocks” or letter pillows are a great tool for children to become a friend with letters and basic reading. Designed for children and for anyone who is working with children.

The series contains 26 letters from English alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, and the bag for them.

Each letter is hand-embroidered on a small pillow. The other side of the pillow is made of cotton fabric.
One side of the bag is made in a patchwork of cotton fabrics, the other side is made of linen. The inside of the bag is a cotton lining. The bag has a nice twisted cotton cord.

There are lot of possibilities how you can use letter pillows while you are working or playing with children. For example, take a letter from the bag and make the same letter from the body of yourself or a friend. Or say who or what starts with the same letter, or who or what looks like this letter. Or get the answer the question with the word, what starts or consists this letter. You can also compose simple words or syllables from the letters.

Help children read with yoga! With letter pillows is great to make all of these games in reading yoga class for children.


Aada Design will help you to make “soft letter blocks”. Order a hole alphabet or set of letters to your choice! The bag and the letters will be made by your individual request.