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Ball with yoga asanas

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Product Description

Gadgets for children’s yoga teachers. It is useful for anyone who is working with children or you can give them for children just to play. A delightfully soft and cute ball is made of cotton and linen fabrics. The ball consists of the patches, and every patch has a picture of one hand-embroidered yoga asanas.

A ball is a versatile tool for a children yoga lessons. For example, throw the ball to the yoga child, and the child will make the asana he or she can see. Make a ball with a cushion and see what the ball is about to show you. Throw the ball into air, catch it and pick it up as the ball is on top of it. How would animal whose picture you see on the ball make the ball rolling? With a proboscis, a knuckle or by cracking, echoing, crawling or jumping?

You can also use the ball at the beginning of a class in a diving or acquainting circle, in crab football game or new mantra learning game. Does the ball stand on the head of the yoga kid? Or during the relaxation of the abdomen, where did his breathing move up and down? Different patterns of ball patches are great for exploration during observation.

The ball consists of the patches that are sewn together manually without using a sewing machine. Available in many different color variations. It is also possible to order a ball with your favorite 12 asanas. In this case, the ball and pictures will be made considering all your special requests. The ball is filled with polyester fiber, which is considered as a non-allergenic material. The ball can also be ordered with a natural filling.