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Product Description

A yoga cushion or meditation cushion is filled with naturally grown buckwheat. The cushion is pleasantly crisp and is very well suited for yoga classes with different seating positions so that the cushion is supportive and comfortable for legs and knees. Use a cushion, for example, in a simple position when the elbows are too high, or in the celibate position, if it is otherwise too difficult for the knees, or to be softened in the wings of the rock. The shape of the cushion fits the body in the best possible way, helping to take an ideal yoga pose to stay comfortable.

Bigger and more stuffed yoga cushion is suitable as a tool if the hips are closed or knees tend to stay in pain in the yoga seating positions. Help your body with comfort and confidence to experience different yoga poses and longer breathing exercises or meditation.

The width of the cushion is 48 cm and high 10 cm. The used fabrics are 100% linen. Both sides are reinforced with laminates from the inside. The pillowcase is removable.
It is machine washable, 40 °C. Remove the filling pillow before washing and ironing.

We also make meditations cushions on request! Write us your idea here: contact us. The price of a cushion for a special order depends on the detail and complexity of the work.