Eye pillow

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Product Description

This eye pillow is great for relaxation after a yoga session. The shape of the eye pillow is considering the shape of a nose and helps to cover the eyes completely on all sides.

Great helper for children’s yoga teacher’s. The eye pillow filled with naturally grown rice or with flax seeds is enough heavy to help the yoga child keep their eyes closed during relaxation and turn off their long rest from the surroundings. It can also be used to practice abdominal breathing in the lying position: put the pad on the child’s stomach, and when inhaled, the pillow will rise up and when breathing out, the pillow will fall down. Focusing on the movement of the pillow, the yoga child will have a great abdominal breathing.

The approximate size is 19 cm by 8 cm. Pillowcase is made from 100% cotton and linen fabrics. The filling is in a small pillow, that can be removed easily before washing the pillowcase.

When you buy 4 or more eye pillows at a time, the price of one pillow will be EUR 14.