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Product Description

The crib bumper in the shape of snake ensures a cozy and soft environment for your baby. This is a friendly creature who can also be used just for fun and play!

The length of this pillow snake is 3 m. Made of 100% cotton fabrics. Filled with polyester fiber, which is considered to be a non-allergenic material. There is a zipper on the side of the snake, whereby it is easy to add the filling if it is necessary.
Hand wash or delicate machine wash in cold water (below 30˚C).

Sold (this product is made by order).

We will make the pillow snake on request. The snake may be just as long as You need. Eyes of the snake can be buttons or other textile patches or other form you may wish. Form of the head and mouth can be different. And maybe it should not be a snake at all, maybe you wish a dragon!

Write us your request here: Contact. The price of the baby pillow snake depends on the length and special wishes.