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Patchwork bag with yoga asanas


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Product Description

Gadgets for children’s yoga teachers. The little pillows with animals, birds, nature and other images are the children’s favorites for making asanas. If you have used them once, the yoga kids will ask for a magic bag in every next yoga class. Whether you are taking adventures with pillows to the birthday of a bear or flying with a rocket in the magic planet, it is exciting for children to wait who comes next out of the bag. Small soft pillows are also good for lifting with toes or for a memory game.

This series contains a picture of 12 asanas: tree, cat, dog, lion, cobra, crab, frog, bear, giraffe, bird, fish, tiger, and bag for them.

Each picture is hand-embroidered on a small pillow. The other side of the pillow is made from cotton fabric.
A linen bag is decorated with patchwork made of cotton fabrics. The inside of the bag is a cotton lining. The bag has twisted cotton cord.
The bag is machine washable, 30 °C. Wash the little pillows manually, not to iron.


It is also possible to order a bag with your favorite asanas. In this case, the bag and pictures will be made considering all your special requests. The price depends due to the number of asanas, the size of the bag and special requests.